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Top 5 Benefits of Dog Training

At Hillside K9 Academy, we have a passion for improving relationships and experiences between people and their dogs. We are serious about problem-solving and creating harmony at home with man and woman’s best friend, and want to share our knowledge about one of the best ways to accomplish this in difficult situations with unruly and troublesome pups! Here are our top 5 benefits for taking advantage of a training program.


We have no doubt that you love your pet! We have met and worked with many families whose love for their canine companions is the very reason they brought them in for behavioral training. No matter how sweet and loyal your dog is, we understand that their sometimes aggressive, unpredictable, or worrisome behavior can cause a strain on your life, especially if there are children involved. Releasing the worry of what you may come home to, or how your dog may react around other people, pets, and children is the first step to the kind of wonderful fulfillment in life that only a dog can provide. Behavioral training programs work to build trust between animals and humans that will translate both at home and in public. This brings us to our next reason:


Isn’t it convenient to be able to take advantage of those wonderful dog-friendly patios and events? Mingling with other dog owners at the park is a great perk of owning a pet! And throwing a party where your goofy or cuddly companion can hang out with new guests and other animals can be a great point of pride. This is all just as enjoyable for friendly dogs, as well, because they are naturally pack animals who thrive best in social environments. Often times dogs who have not been socialized from early on can send or interpret the wrong signals from other dogs, children, and people during situations where fear or uncertainty is exhibited. Three typical reactions to these situations are shaking, hiding, or lashing out. Building social skills and trust in your dog will greatly reduce anxiety and result in a more balanced temperament. This relaxed and confident demeanor acts as a good example for other unsure dogs and will prevent aggressive or avoidant situations.


Having an easy-going companion is great, but if they don’t listen, then there can be trouble. When faced with situations like skunk encounters, traffic, and other insecure dogs, obedience is extremely important. In our training programs, we teach and regularly reinforce the most important basic commands, like drop, sit, and stay, to ensure that you can keep your dog safe. Again, dogs are pack animals, and basic obedience is the first step towards making them feel that they have a secure place under their pack leader. They will learn to look to you for situational cues. Your confidence will reflect in their demeanor, and they won’t feel the need to react to every sense of threat or chase instinct unless you do first.


We are all here for each other. Aside from the benefits that a well balance-dog can offer to your lifestyle, just the act of participating in training programs with your companion is food for the soul! Dogs aren’t the only ones who learn at Hillside. We are confident that you will walk away with a newfound interest in the subject of canine behavioral practices. Our group classes and events can be big affairs, as well. Many passionate dog owners from all walks of life get a chance to meet and mingle, and many doggy playdates have been set up as a result. These classes also provide a supportive setting for new dog owners, and give them a chance to ask the “is-it-normal- when questions.” You’d be surprised at the success stories that you may hear from others who also may have thought that they were in a hopeless situation. We also encourage you to take advantage of the professional consultations that our experts are here to provide. You will leave each time with a new tip or suggestion that is tailored to your specific lifestyle and dog.


Here is a surprising side effect of owning a well-behaved dog: a healthier mind and body! Caring for an innocent animal, like having children, changes the soul. In addition to the beneficially healthy routines that owning a dog encourages, like regular feeding, and getting out for a walk or run, many dog owners feel that their ability to love has also increased. There is nothing like coming home to a wagging tail and adoring eyes to brighten your day. Outdoor exercise becomes less of a chore, and more of an opportunity and destination for hiking, walking to the park, and riding bikes! Dogs make fantastic company on road trips and will fill a space in your home and heart that you may not know was available.

We know that training your dog can be an intimidating thing. It requires patience, reinforcement, and dedication of time. When weighed with the option of molding your whole life around the difficulties of an unruly pup, or giving your canine companion to another home, putting in the time and effort is more than worth it. When communication and intuition is dialed in, happiness follows. Dogs are built for love, and with the right tools, they will be an ever-loyal companion that will enhance your life.

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